Welcome to mywiki-Science

A page with the only intent of saving, in a ordered-kind-of-way, my notes on installations, configurations, and maybe more things will come with time.

The idea is having the answer to the solution of some problems that I solved surfing the appropriate forums, and that could be handy
in future occasion. Sometimes getting back to the same forum and thread that helped me solved the problem is not that trivial.

Note to all readers: If you find any part of this wiki useful, I'd really appreciate to know it by a short email; the more I see that people are actually using this material, and the more I will find space during the day to dedicate time to improve and enhance the content (that, for the time being, is still very embryonic!)

You can mostly find notes on the following topics (for now) mostly related to Mac OS X or Ubuntu operative systems:
  • Installation issues of libraries (e.g. openMPI on Mac OSX with ifort compiler) and software on either Mac OSX or Ubuntu when they are not trivial.
  • Installation issues of software from source and that implies the linking to additional libraries.
  • LaTex
  • C programming
  • bash scripting
  • Octave and Matlab functions
  • Scripting for CDO based analysis (Climate Data Operator)
  • ...

Anyone is welcome to join if they want to add their own solution.

I hope it helps.

Main contributor: Simone Marras (web)