Configure Issues:

  1. Configuration of OpenMPI for Intel fortran compiler ifort (Intel compilers) v.11, on MacBook Intel Core 2 Duo (OSX 10.5.4).

Before configuring with the following line, you need to install ifort correctly, such that its path will be recognized in the search (/usr/local/bin);
verify that ifort is installed in the search path, open a terminal and type: >> which ifort. If the output is empty, then you need to check where
you installed it, and, if you think your installation is fine, simply link the binary into /usr/local/bin with the following:

sudo ln -s /ABSOLUTE/PATH/TO/YOUR/IFORT/BIN/ifort /usr/local/bin/
You are now ready to configure OpenMPI as follows:
>> cd /PATH/TO/OpenMPI/
>> mkdir build
>> cd build/
>> ../configure --prefix=/usr/local/ --enable-mpi-f77 --enable-mpi-f90 F77=ifort FC=ifort FFLAGS="-m32 -std=legacy" \
  --with-wrapper-fflags="-m32 -std=legacy" --with-mpi-f90-size=medium \
  --enable-mpirun-prefix-by-default FCFLAGS="-m32" --with-wrapper-fcflags="-m32"

NOTES: I could get it to work with the following fortran compilers on a MacOSX Darwin, Leopard:
  • F77=ifort
  • FC= ifort

  • or

  • F77=gfortran
  • FC=gfortran

  • BUT not with g95 or g77

You can play with this line and change compiler by subsituting the "ifort" label for the F77 and FC flags.
For 64 bit installations it should work as well if you change -m32 to -m64 in the proper positions.